Toddler Program

Dr. Montessori identified three essential traits about toddlers that would shape her educational curriculum for this age:

  • A sensitivity to order;
  • A significantly increased capacity to absorb language;
  • An eagerness to become independent.

Our toddler program is designed with these traits in mind. Our teachers introduce good habits, facilitate language development to express needs, and warmly guide children to become independent throughout the course of the day.


A Montessori toddler program, compared to traditional childcare, has many benefits. Here are just a few examples that parents often share:

  • A positive, accelerated potty training experience. Many children between the ages of 18-24 months show signs of readiness to learn how to use the toilet, what we in Montessori call “toilet learning.” All children in our toddler program learn to be diaper free.
  • The ability to play independently and become increasingly self-sufficient. You will often hear your toddler say at home, “I can do it myself!”
  • A dramatic surge in vocabulary. By being able to better express their needs, toddlers gain increased control of their emotions, which leads to fewer tantrums and a more joyful relationship between parent and child.