With Eva in grade school now, we’re really seeing the breadth of the positive impact that her COS Montessori education has had on both her learning and her personhood. Her Kindergarten year at COS was the keystone. It’s a culmination of everything she had been building on in her first two years in Children’s house: […]


We chose Children’s Own School as our preschool because of their accredited Kindergarten program. In addition to academic readiness, our child has developed confidence and independence ahead of entering first grade.


Children’s Own School has been a special part of both of my sons’ growth. Biggest wins for our family have been successfully building critical confidence, providing an environment of kindness and compassion, respectful friendships, and a home away from home my boys run into every morning with true excitement.


Children’s Own School is a place where my kids and I found a second home, lifelong friends, and a Montessori education that they will hold in their hearts and minds for the rest of their lives.  Respect for oneself, respect for others, respect for your environment is the one of the many lessons we will […]

Pavitra and Jithendra

We always wanted our child to grow up by knowing the essence of living. COS’s Montessori curriculum has not only helped develop skills, but also has made our child more independent. We are very happy to know that she is getting to learn so much and also enjoys doing the work that is given to […]